Building & Park Use

You can use our park for your event or special occasion! Our old fashioned country setting is great for family reunions, birthday party’s, graduation party’s, family picnics, summer party’s and even weddings!

Unlike a typical rental hall, our park offers an exciting, adventurous outdoor playground area for children, outdoor stage and pavilion, plenty of shade, seating and a ball field. All of this plus a modern building for indoor activities!

View of driveway to park.

Our long driveway from the road. Privacy and quiet is a given at our park!

Fertigs Community Center Park

People enjoying our outdoor stage & covered pavilion.









The Fertigs Community Center is nestled on 7 acres of beautiful country ground and fresh air in Venango County, PA.

“Our address is: 4887 Camp Coffman Road Venus Pa 16364”


Our park is home to many large, mature shade trees scattered among the playground, picnic tables, pavilion and stage area, offering plenty of relief from the summer sun and relaxing at the park. The property is for the most part, flat and level. It is easily navigated by seniors, wheel chairs and baby strollers.

The outdoor stage is made of cement, has a solid overhead roof and sits several feet off the ground with plenty of electrical outlets. It measures 19′ x 18′.

Covered pavilion and picnic tables

Our covered pavilion is nestled among shade trees with a great view of the stage area.

Outdoor covered stage

Our covered stage is seated on a raised concrete floor with lighting and several electrical outlets.

side view outdoor stage

Side view of our outdoor stage looking towards ball-field.


sideview of stage & pavilion

Side view of our stage and pavilion.















Directly in front of the stage is our 18′ x 43′ pavilion with a solid roof covering approximately 8 picnic tables and comfortably seating 50 adults. In addition to the pavilion picnic tables, there are 10 others scattered throughout the property. Portable bench seating is available for additional seating if needed.

There are more than a dozen children’s playground activities including several swing-sets of various sizes, a teeter-totter, large & small slides, a merry-go-round, monkey bars, animal springers and a seesaw. There is plenty of room between the playground equipment for running, jumping, hopping, skipping and everything else kids love to do!


Some of our children’s area play-things.


Seating nestled among the shade trees and children’s area.







Our beautiful, recently landscaped baseball field gets plenty of use from adults and kids! The horse-shoe pit is another popular attraction for adults. It sits away from the children’s play area for safety, yet offers a great view for keeping an eye on your little ones.

FCC Horse shoe pits

Two horse shoe pits on the grounds.


Recognition plaque-Thank you!










Outdoor bathroom provided in the park but there is no running water. (port a john)

Fertigs community center baseball field

Our baseball field as seen from the shelter area.


The main building is heated and houses the dining room that seats 80-90 people. Tables and chairs are provided by the center.

Main room in building.

Main room in building.

View of serving or pass-through window. (closed)

View of serving or pass-through window. (closed)









The kitchen is a “two in one” design. The front half closest to the dining room can serve as a pick up window and has 2 sinks, a refrigerator, a deep freezer and a work table. The back  kitchen houses two stoves, a large stainless steel prep table, a refrigerator and a stainless steel prep table. There is cupboard and drawer space in both sections that can be used. Some serving utensils and other cook-ware that is property of the center can be used. (please clean it and put it back where found)

Fertigs Community Center Kitchen

Our “Back kitchen” showing stainless work table and stoves/ovens.

Front kitchen. View of sink & worktables.

Front kitchen. View of sink & worktables.








There are separate, modern handicapped accessible men and women’s bathrooms in the building.

Park Rules:

  • All park events, whether inside or out, must be over by 10pm.
  • No Smoking in the building.
  • No Alcohol permitted on park property
  • No pets permitted on park property

Our required donation fees:

Grounds only………$25.00
Grounds & Building…$100.00
Grounds & Building for
(w/$50 deposit)

All cleanup is the responsibility of the person(s) using the facility, both inside and out. This includes wiping down the tables, sweeping and mopping the floor and cleaning the kitchen & bathrooms. In simple terms, please leave the hall in the same clean condition as it was before your event. Our donation fees are very reasonable. Your cooperation with clean-up is appreciated and will help keep our costs down so we can pass the low rates on for others.

For any questions you may have or to set up an appointment to see the building, contact us via email or

To reserve your date contact Carol Davis: