September 25, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Fertigs Community Center

Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2017


The regular meeting of the Fertigs Community Center was called to order on September 25, 2017 at 7:14 PM after Gary Davis opened with prayer.


Carol Davis, Gary Davis, Bill Hart, Donna Hart, Linda Anderson, Dawn Stepp, Max Stepp, Sawyer Stepp, Tom Peterson, Stephanie Peterson, Laura Shreffler, Darole Pertz and Jean Davis.

Approval of the Minutes

The minutes were looked over by all in attendance. Bill made a motion to accept, Stephanie 2nd. All were in favor and the minutes were accepted.

Treasurers Report

A Treasurers Report was looked over by all in attendance. Dawn brought up the cost for the port-a-potty and said that we are paying too much. We should only be paying $90.00 and have been paying $106.00, Dawn said that she would contact them and see what is going on. Donna said that the dumpster hasn’t been paid at all this summer and she is unsure about the status of Culligan, Donna will find out what all is owed and bring the payments current.

Discussed on September 25, 2017

  • Insurance – We paid Barr’s Insurance for new year’s Insurance Policy and will continue to look around at all of our options. Donna said that she looked our current policy and said that the coverage looks ok.
  • Old Home Day – Dawn brought up the number of dogs that were at Old Home Day, and could cause some problems. We will need to find a way to express to the public that dogs should not be joining them at Old Home Day. Look into using the Church of God parking lot for worker parking/spectator parking and possible the building for the Chinese Auction next year. Need to get signs for out back to show people where the ice cream is sold and where all other food is sold. Linda said she would like to have a few people ready to make phone calls as soon as names are pulled instead of waiting until names are pulled for all of the items. Linda also asked if we could have kids lined up and ready to pull names to make the process run smoother. Carol still has 3 items in her garage from the auction, she needs the numbers to contact the people. To have on record it takes about $70.00 to make 10 lbs. of the BBQ Ham. Laura suggested that when Donna does the write up for the Good Times next year that she add the number of cars that were at the 2017 car show and the number of auction items we had for 2017.
  • Benches – We would like to have the bench here for the dinner so that people can see what it looks like and maybe put a sign on it to show people where it was bought in case anyone would like to purchase one and donate it to the Community Center.
  • Flea Market/Tractor Show/Engine Show – Tom has about 12 vendors to set up. Tom suggested selling 50/50 tickets. Laura will pick up the food, will be getting the burgers from Hirsch’s and need to lower the prices to match the Old Home Day prices. Tom suggested when doing the Flea Markets next year that he would like to have a theme for them, like July’s would be Christmas in July.
  • Security Cameras – We will continue to look, will go out and look when the new Harbor Freight opens in Cranberry.
  • Chicken BBQ Dinner – 10-14-17. Donna will order 60 chickens from Comet.

Menu : Chicken, Potatoes, Homemade Applesauce, Green Beans, Bread and a variety of Pumpkin deserts.

Price : Adults – $10.00

Children 4-11 – $6.00

Children under 3 – Free

Winning pig tickets will be pulled after the dinner.

  • Hayride – 10-21-17. Bill said that we could loop up through the woods and the field and come back to the community center. He said he will map out a route to discuss at a later date. Could have bats and spiders drop from the trees. Have a fire where people can roast marshmallows. Have to figure out a time to start and a menu for the kitchen. Steph suggested contacting the high school and seeing about the kids volunteering. It will be a family friendly event. We will meet after the BBQ Dinner to discuss more details.
  • Siding – Dawn suggested white siding and flower boxes. Bill said he will get prices and bring it up at the next meeting.
  • Tables and Chairs – Sam’s Club had said that they would give us 10 sets for the price of 8 ($1,900.00). They are 8 foot tables with 8 chairs at each table. If Sam’s Club will hold to their price then we will get them as soon as possible if not we will have to look at our options.
  • Christmas Dinner – 12-11-17.

*An Executive Meeting was held to discuss other matters. (Secretary has the notes)*

Jay made a motion to adjourn, Tom 2nd. All were in favor and the motion was carried. The meeting was adjourned at 8:47 PM. The next meeting will be October 23, 2017 at 7:00 PM.

August 21, 2017 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2017


The regular meeting of the Fertigs Community Center was called to order on August 21, 2017 at 7:30 PM after Gary Davis opened with prayer.


Linda Anderson, Bill Hart, Donna Hart, Laura Shreffler, Stephanie Peterson, Tom Peterson, Gary Davis, Carol Davis, Sawyer Stepp and Dawn Stepp.

Approval of the Minutes

The minutes from the July meeting were looked over. Stephanie made a motion to accept, Bill 2nd. All were in favor and the motion was carried to accept the minutes.

Treasurers Report

At last check our balance was $6,092.02. Carol made some deposits that have not cleared in the bank so our balance should be around $6,400.00 after those clear. $250.00 has been returned to the Community Center. With the current events, we are now in need of a new Treasurer. Carol nominated Donna Hart to be the Fertigs Community Centers new Treasurer, Dawn 2nd the nomination. All were in favor and the motion was carried to instate Donna Hart as Treasurer.

Discussed on August 21, 2017

  • Insurance – Barr’s Insurance is sending Carol the current Insurance information/Policy. We have until September 11, 2017 to decide whether we will re-sign with Barr’s or switch to a new company. Carol did not raise our Insurance for Old Home Day yet, but she will call and do that in the coming week. Tom talked to an Insurance guy from the Insurance company beside Sheetz in Cranberry, he said that he would be willing to look our old policy over and come to a meeting to discuss our options and give us a quote. Bill said that he will talk our current policy out and have him look it over.
  • Flea Market – Tom reported that our last Flea Market was not that great due to The Derrick not putting our ad in on time. Bill had suggested previously that anyone who attended the July Flea Market be given a free spot at the August Flea Market. Donna sent the ad in today (8/21/17). Septembers Flea Market will be a combination of Flea Market/Tractor Show/Engine Show. Tom said that we need to get signs made if we plan on having Flea Markets in the future. Bill said that he can get some made for us. Flea Market dates for the 2018 year were scheduled and are as follows: April 28, May 26, June 23, July 28, August 25, September 22, and October 27. (The fourth Saturday of each month.) It was brought up that some of our vendors suggested that we do a combo deal when serving lunch, Carol said that we could come up with something. It was brought up that we may want to try to combine a Flea Market with one of our dinners to see if we get a better response with both events, it was suggested that we offer the vendors a deal on their dinner meal if they stayed the whole time. Possibly move the dinner time up a little.
  • Windows and Awning – The awning is completed and looks great. The windows are just about done and also look great.
  • Benches – Donna has one bench coming and it should be here by Old Home Day. She ordered a special plaque for on the bench in memory of her mom and dad. Nothing to report on the old wooden benches yet.
  • Security – Tom said that Harbor Freight has a camera system that comes with 5 cameras, DVD set up, ability to connect to a wireless device, can be set to run 24/7 or motion detected or time sensitive, unsure if they are wireless cameras. They cost $259.00. Tom will get the flier to Gary for him to see them. We will need to compare prices, quality, functions and warranties on a few different camera sets before making a purchase.
  • Old Home Day – Advertising: The front page of the Good Times has been reserved for us again this year. Donna passed around a write up for everyone to read and a few corrections were made, other than that she is ready to submit the article. Chinese Auction: Is coming along well, Linda has collected some good items so far. Laura and Donna are also helping to collect donations. Children’s Games: One minion board is done, the other one will be done soon. Stephanie has some painting to do yet and needs to make more rice filled bananas for a game. Prizes from Oriental Trading should be here next week. Stephanie will be going down to the Clarion Candy Company to pick up candy for one of the prizes. We will need $5.00 worth of pennies for start-up. Kitchen: Carol and Laura cleaned out the kitchen last week and made a list of everything that we need to buy for Old Home Day and everything that we will be soliciting for. Stephanie suggested buying cups and plates and similar items from the Clarion Candy Company, she will get a price list from them. We have a heat lamp for the fries. Carol bought six 50-pound bags of potatoes at $11.00 per bag. The ice truck has been reserved. The hamburgers, ice cream and hot sausage has been ordered. We will need to look the prices over after we figure out how much we sent per item. Guest speaker will be at noon. Donna will call the boy scouts and make sure they can do the flag raising. Donna will contact the fire department about bringing a truck out. Sawyer says the entertainment is all set. Max will pick up the ice truck and hamburgers, we will need to get the ice cream and the hot sausage.
  • Website – Laura said that we need to pay $107.40 by 9/8/17. It was brought up that last year we should have signed up for a longer period of time in order to get a better deal. Laura will contact HostGator and ask them if there is any way we can get a better long-term deal.

Stephanie made a motion to adjourn, Tom 2nd. All were in favor and the motion was carried. The meeting was adjourned at 9:01 PM. The next meeting will be September 24, 2017 at 7:00 PM.

Wood Fire-Roasted Chicken Dinner

Join us October 14, 2017 from 4:00 PM -6:00 PM for our Wood Fire-Roasted Chicken Dinner!

Menu :

1/2 Rotisserie Chicken

Scalloped Potatoes

Green Beans


Assorted Pumpkin Deserts

Price :

Adults : $10.00

Children 4-11 : $6.00

Children Under 3 : Free

All meals come with your choice of beverage as well.




During the dinner Pig Raffle Tickets will also be on sale. The drawing will take place after the dinner. Two winners will be pulled from the pig raffle, each winner will get 1/2 pig.

**All proceeds from the dinner and raffle benefit the Fertigs Community Center and help us make the needed updates to the building and ground.**


Thank You to everyone who made Old Home Day 2017 AMAZING!

WOW, it is hard to believe that it has been over a week since Old Home Day. All of the planning and hard work that goes into making Old Home Day what it is and the day goes by like the blink of an eye! We would like to take a minute to thank everyone from small businesses to larger businesses for your generous Chinese Auction and Car Show door prize donations, we had 128 items in the auction this year! We would also like to thank all of our community members who donated food and beverages, your willingness to donate allowed us at the community center to put funds where they were needed more! Next we would like to thank everyone that took time out of their day to help in the kitchen, with the penny carnival, and with the car show. Without your help we could not run the day as smoothly as we do. Lastly we would like to thank the most important people….YOU….those of you who come to Old Home Day every year, those who came for the first time this year, and those who keep telling friends and family to come out. Without you Old Home Day would not have grown to what it is today. So we would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who makes Old Home Day amazing! I’m sure many are curious how many cars entered the car show this year….well we blew last year’s numbers out of the water, we had 233 cars register this year (Awesome!)!! The American Pie band and Sawyer Stepp and the Crossroads band played some great tunes as usual, we hope you had a chance to enjoy their music! The kitchen sold out of food as always, we hope that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy some delicious food that our kitchen helpers worked hours to prepare! We heard that the children’s penny carnival was a hit, didn’t the booths look Awesome! We hope all of the children had a chance to play some games and win some prizes! It is incredible to look back on past years and see how much Old Home Day has grown over the years, wonder what’s to come in future years! We hope that everyone had a blast and that you will come back again next year! We can not thank everyone enough for all the support you continue to give the community center, we want you to know that we have many plans in progress to update and add to the community center! We are always open to hearing new ideas, if you have any ideas that you think would make the community center a better place for the community and our children let us know. Simply join us at our monthly meetings, give us a call, or write us on Facebook / our website, we can’t wait to hear from you!

July 24, 2017 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

July 24, 2017


The regular meeting of the Fertigs Community Center was called to order on July 24, 2017 at 7:30 PM after Gary Davis opened with prayer.


Gary Davis, Carol Davis, Kathi Rodgers, Laura Shreffler, Stephanie Peterson, Tom Peterson, Bill Hart, Donna Hart and Sawyer Stepp.

Approval of the Minutes

The minutes from the June meeting were looked over. Tom made a motion to accept, Donna 2nd. All were in favor and the motion was carried to accept the minutes.

Treasurers Report

Balance – $6,977.20. Treasurers Reports for June and July were handed out and looked over by all in attendance.

Discussed on July 24, 2017

  • Building Insurance – Kathi said that she was in contact with Barr’s Insurance and they are having issues with their carriers. Barr’s couldn’t give any other information until this process is complete. We are currently paying $600.00 per year for our insurance. Kathi said that we may get a better rate after Barr’s is done looking into this issue. We have until the end of August to decide if we renew our policy or switch companies. If we decide to stay with Barr’s we will need to increase our coverage for Old Home Day.
  • Old Home Day – Donna did not have a chance to call around about the heat lamp yet. Menu for the kitchen will stay the same as last year, ice-cream flavors will also stay the same. Children’s Games: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM. Stephanie will cut the number of booths from 5 to 3 for the first year. Duck Pond (she only needs to buy magnets to finish booth), Tip-A-Clown (Stephanie said that she can make the clowns), and Minion Toss (Stephanie is making the Minion and rice bags). Stephanie will still need to purchase the prizes as well. Budget was approved at $250.00. Stephanie mentioned purchasing totes to store the games in for future years, Bill said that he has a few that he would donate. Advertising: Donna will make the fliers and write the ad for the good times. Shirts will be purple and medium gray. Gale will be the MC for the day.
  • Flea Market – Tom said that we are ready for July’s Flea Market and that we have 8 people who reserved spots. We will be serving hot dogs, hamburgers, pop, water, chips, bananas and ice-cream cones.
  • Playground – Tom said that he was at a playground in Franklin and they have an infant/toddler swing that allows an adult to sit across from the child. (picture was shown). Tom said that he will talk to Franklin about their playground and get more details.
  • Tables and Chairs – Sam’s Club may donate two of the tables and the chairs to go with them. It would only take a week for them to be delivered to the store. Kathi will call on Friday and hopefully have an answer on whether Sam’s will make a donation.
  • Windows – All windows are installed and work wonderfully, they will be finished soon. Once windows are completed work on an awning will begin.
  • Benches – Bill and Donna have been looking into different benches and they would like to purchase a few for the grounds. We may not have them by Old Home Day. The two benches that we currently have are in need of repairs, possibly talk to the people who built them and see if they would be interested in making the repairs. Carol and Gary will contact the people and ask them.
  • Security – Laura brought up that there was another issue at the Community Center will kids drinking and throwing their alcohol cans/bottles all around. She suggested that it was time to put the gate up at the end of the driveway unless anyone had any other suggestions. Tom suggested putting up game cameras. Bill said that Sam’s Club has security cameras for $275.00 for a set. We will look around at our options and continue to come to a solution.

Stephanie made a motion to adjourn, Tom 2nd. All were in favor and the motion was carried. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM. The next meeting will be August 21, 2017 at 7:30 PM.


Boy Scouts Raising of the Flag – 11:00 AM

National Anthem – 11:00 AM

Car Show – 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Guest Speaker – Noon

Kitchen Opens – Noon

American Pie Band – 12:30 PM

Children’s Penny Carnival – 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Sawyer Stepp and the Cross Roads Band – 3:30 PM

Chinese Auction Drawing – 4:00 PM

Antique Tractor/Gas Engine Show and Flea Market September 30, 2017 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

FLEA MARKET – Do you have to much stuff cluttering up your house? Would you like to have a yard sale but don’t have the space? Your in luck, The Fertigs Community Center has plenty of outdoor space. Spots will be pre-marked for an easy and quick set up. The pre-marked spots will be 20×20, each 20×20 spot will be $10.00 for the day (you would be responsible for bringing your own tables and canopy if needed). Also available will be one 19×18 spot under a roof will be $20.00 for the day (you would need to bring your own tables if needed). Lastly we have two spots under a roof with four 3×10 tables included, each one of these spots will be $20.00 for the day. All of these spots are on a first come first serve basis, you have the ability to reserve a spot prior to the flea market to make sure you are guaranteed a spot.

TRACTOR AND ENGINE SHOW – Come see some local history! Septembers Flea Market will feature Antique Tractors and Gas Engines. We invite anyone with antique tractors and gas engines to bring them out and show them off. There is no admission fee for you to show off your tractors and gas engines.

The kitchen will be open at 8:00 AM with coffee and donuts, and again for lunch at 11:00 AM with hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, pop and water.

For more information and to reserve your spot today please contact Tom Peterson Jr. at 814-670-9172.

** All proceeds will help to update the Fertigs Community Center **

What Have We Been Up To At The Fertigs Community Center?

We have been very busy at the Community Center lately! We have so many wonderful upgrades planned for the Community Center. We have appointed grounds/playground caretakers and they have been looking over all of our playground equipment, some is safe and some needs work. The caretakers have dismantled the old Merry-Go-Round and have been looking into ways to update the large slide that we have. We are also planning on putting a new piece of playground equipment in, this new playground equipment will have a spot for infant/toddler swings or we will purchase a separate swing set for the infant/toddler swings. We are still in the planning stages and looking at many different playground equipment ideas, more details will come as the planning goes on.


 We finally have our new windows installed! What a huge difference these new windows make in the building. A few amazing volunteers worked late nights to get these windows installed prior to Old Home Day. Next we would like to get working on the siding, but with the weather not cooperating much lately we many have to wait until after Old Home Day to get the siding completed. Inside the building we have started painting the walls to brighten things up. Currently the dining hall has been painted white. Between the Community Center Events and our many reserved/booked dates we have not had a chance to make it back in the building to continue painting. We have put up a door in between the dining hall and the hall way that leads to the restrooms, this way the main door leading to the restrooms can be left unlocked during certain times allowing patrons to use indoor facilities.


Our caretakers have also been planning a remodel for out outdoor restrooms. In the coming weeks they will be hard at work replacing roofs, vents and repairing any wood that has become damaged over the years.


After months of discussion we have finally decided to take the leap and purchase new tables and chairs to be used in the dining hall. The new tables and chairs will give the dining hall another lightening affect. We can not believe how light and bright the dining hall has become over the past year! **The new tables and chairs will still allow us the capacity that our current tables and chairs give us** .


Wow we have all been so busy at the Community Center over the past year, it is incredible what has been accomplished. We have so many more changes and updates to come. If you haven’t seen the new updates stop by the Community Center! We are always in need of volunteers to help us complete these updates, if you would be interested in lending a hand contact us on our website, on our Facebook Page or simply call us! 

June 26, 2017 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

June 26, 2017


The regular meeting of The Fertigs Community Center was called to order on June 26, 2017 at 7:37 PM after Gary Davis opened with prayer.


Dawn Stepp, Sawyer Stepp, Carol Davis, Gary Davis, Bill Hart, Donna Hart, Laura Shreffler, Steph Peterson, Tom Peterson.

Approval of the Minutes

The minutes from the May meeting were looked over. Tom made a motion to accept, Donna 2nd. All were in favor and the motion was carried to accept the minutes.

Treasurers Report

Balance – $6,507.88, Prior to the month’s bills being paid (Laura gave the report for Kathi). 

Discussed on June 26, 2017

* *An Executive Session was held prior to general business being discussed (notes from this session are kept with the Secretary’s general meeting minutes.)**

  • Playground Equipment – Tom looked into 84 Lumber, the guy at 84 Lumber said that he has 8 foot slides for $84.00 and 10 foot slides for $140.00. He also said that if we make a list of the equipment that we want then he can see what he can do for us. Carol stopped at 84 Lumber also and got a price for a large wooden playground set (Pictures and the invoice were shown to all present, the price for it was $1,205.00). Dawn brought up taking the big slide down, Tom said that we are going to try to repair it. Tom said that he talked to Bill McKissick about Pinegroves old playground, it is not for sale. Dawn suggested looking in to who bought the old Rockland Elementary and seeing about that playground set.
  • Flea Market – May’s Flea Market went well money count was given –
  • Vendors – $110.00
  • Food – $215.25
  • Playground Donation – $11.25
  • Extra Hamburger Sold – $17.00
  • Total – $353.50

Tom said that we already have people booked for July’s Flea Market.


  • Out Houses – Andy started taking the ceiling down in the one. Tom said that he and Andy will be getting more done in the coming weeks.
  • Tables and Chairs – Sam’s Club has the tables and chairs $200.00 off. The tables are only 8-foot long our current tables are 10-foot long. Carol was thinking we would get 8 tables, Bill said that we should get enough tables to keep the current capacity of our 10 foot tables, he suggested 10 tables and chairs accordingly. Tom suggested doing a few dinners to raise the funds for the tables and chairs. Dawn made a motion to buy the tables and chairs now and hold a dinner to recoup some of the cost, Stephanie 2nd. All were in favor and the motion was carried to buy 10 tables and chairs accordingly.
  • Fall Dinner – The Fall Dinner date was set for October 14, 2017, the menu will be decided at a later date. This dinner’s profits will go towards recouping some of the cost from the new tables and chairs.
  • Bear Camp – Dawn mentioned that the group that rented the Community Center last year during Bear Season would like to do so again. She said the dates that they are looking at would be November 17, 2017 – November 22, 2017.
  • Christmas Dinner – Tom suggested doing a Christmas Dinner sometime in December and have everyone bring a dish. Carol checked the Calendar and said that Monday December 11, 2017 is available and would be a good distance from both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our Christmas Dinner will be December 11, 2017 at 6:30 PM.
  • Grounds Keeping – Tom suggested buying a riding mower for the Community Center so that everyone can help mow as they have free time. Bill said that it’s a nice idea, however with the thickness of the grass and how fast grass grows it really should all be cut at the same time.
  • Windows – The first window was put in this evening (June 26, 2017), it went in easier and quicker than thought. Gary and whomever else would like to help will be putting the rest of the windows in within the coming weeks.
  • Awning – Once the windows are all in we will make plans to get an awning put up over the serving windows in the kitchen (would like to have this done prior to Old Home Day).
  • Old Home Day – Dawn will need to order more tickets for the Pig Raffle. We decided to keep the menu the same and also serve the BBQ Ham Sandwiches again, Dawn will get the stuff to make the BBQ Sauce. We need to get a heat lamp to keep the fries warm, Donna will call and get details and prices on a heat lamp for July’s meeting. Donna said she would make the fliers and do the advertising again this year. Donna suggested getting the word out that we are looking for donations for the Chinese Auction (Homemade items), she also suggested typing up a newsletter to pass out to the community members letting them know that we are looking for donations (She will type one up for everyone to look at). The speaker for the day will be Pastor Jimmie Turner, Bill will ask Gale Boocks if he would be interested in being the MC this year. Stephanie has been working on ideas for the children’s games, she came up with the idea of doing a penny carnival. Games would consist of: Penny Toss, Duck Pond Fishing, Pop Can Throw, Tip A Troll, Minion Bean Bag Toss. Stephanie said that with five stations she would need at least one person to run each station for the length of the Carnival, maybe have other helpers so that everyone gets a break throughout the day. She would run the Carnival all day. Tell the kids to save their pennies! We will be doing the car show again this year.
  • Other Business – Tom suggested doing a community picnic. Dawn suggested having a community recognition, once a year let the public nominate someone from the community for their hard work. The board would then vote on those who were nominated, and possibly announce the winner at the community picnic.

Dawn made a motion to adjourn, Carol 2nd. All were in favor and the motion was carried. The meeting was adjourned at 9:09 PM. The next meeting will be July 24, 2017 at 7:30 PM.

Old Home Day 2017

IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN! Fertigs Old Home Day is just around the corner, we will kick the day off at 11:00AM with the raising of the flag by the Boy Scouts and registration for the car show. Kitchen opens at noon with lots of delicious food and baked goods. Music will start at 12:30 pm, we are excited to announce that American Pie and Sawyer Stepp & The Crossroads Band will be back again this year to play great tunes for you. Wow has our Chinese Auction grown so big over the past few years, don’t forget to pop into the building on Old Home Day to see all the items that have been donated this year! Drawings for the Chinese Auction will take place at 4:00 pm, no need to be present to win! This year we have people who have been hard at work planning a Childrens’ Penny Carnival, we will have three different game booths set up for the kids to play from 1:00PM-3:00PM. Make sure you save up your pennies, everyone is a winner every time! We will also be selling 50/50 Raffle Tickets (there will be one winner of half of the money collected) and Pig Raffle Tickets (there will be two winners, each winner will receive half of a pig). Our special guest speaker this year will be Pastor Jimmie Turner from the Church of God.


Our Old Home Day Event is growing larger every year, from the number of cars in the car show to the amount of people who took time from their day to join us, you are the reason Old Home Day is what it has become! Everything on Old Home Day is busy and hectic, but to step outside for a moment and see everyone who has gathered to share memories with one another is worth all the craziness. From the amazing stories you hear of Old Home Days past or just old friends having that chance to catch up. Old Home Day isn’t just a fundraising event for us, Old Home Day is about bringing the community together. This is one day that you will want to put in your calendar, we have so many new and exciting things happening at the Fertigs Community Center you won’t want to miss a minute of it! Invite your friends and family to enjoy a fun filled, full day at the Fertigs Community Center on Old Home Day!


Bring your ride and register for your chance at one of the many door prizes you will also receive one free ice cream cone when you register.


We are looking for new ways to grow Old Home Day and to showcase peoples’ talents. If you know someone who is crafty, someone who makes any form of homemade items and would be interested in donating any items send them our way! They can contact us through our Facebook Page, our website or simply calling us at the community center.

May 22, 2017 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

May 22, 2017


The regular meeting of The Fertigs Community Center was called to order on May 22, 2017 at 7:00 PM after Gary Davis opened with prayer.


Carol Davis, Gary Davis, Tom Peterson, Stephanie Peterson, Jay Weckerly, Margie Rimkus, Andy Shreffler and Laura Shreffler.

Approval of the Minutes

The minutes from the April meeting were looked over. Tom made a motion to accept, Margie 2nd. All were in favor and the motion was carried to accept the minutes.

Treasurers Report

Deposited – $1,152.00

Balance – $7,627.50

Discussed on May 22, 2017

  • BBQ Chicken Dinner – The dinner went well we are estimating that we sold around 60 dinners. We also sold whole chickens at the end of the dinner. We estimate 40 to 45 whole chickens were sold that day. We have 7 or 8 bags of chicken left from the BBQ Dinner, it was suggested that we use some of that chicken to make BBQ Chicken sandwiches for Old Home Day.
  • Sales Tax – We got the certificate back and it was entered into the record. (Secretary has the original.)
  • We got our Taxes back.
  • Game of Chance was entered into the record. (Secretary has the original.)
  • Playground – Tom suggested appointing a playground keeper / committee, he volunteered himself and Andy said he would join as well. Tom gave a report on the playground equipment that needs to be fixed, the wooden playground set can be saved but will need work, the big slide will need a lot of work. Tom suggested that the merry-go-round be taken out, after talking about the down side of keeping the merry-go-round Jay made a motion, Margie 2nd. All were in favor and the motion was carried to remove the merry-go-round. Margie suggested putting in a teeter totter like the one that Morrison Park has, she also suggested putting in a swing set that has baby swings on it. Tom brought up cutting down the Pine tree that’s near the merry-go-round. We need to get plastic or cushion to put over the ends of the metal slides. Tom and Andy will go talk to Bill McKissick about Pinegrove’s old playground.
  • Chicken BBQ Dinner – Margie says about 60 dinners were sold, about 40-45 whole chickens were sold.
  • Flea Market – The only negative comment was that we started to early. 8 have already reserved for Mays flea market. Tom said that we need to get signs made, Carol said that we have frames but we need the boards to go in the frames (we have about 8 or 10 frames). Tom said that he will make the signs for now. Tom asked about opening the dining area to allow vendors to set up inside, we decided that if we start getting more people interested in the flea market then yes.
  • We have a door and will be putting it up in between the hall way and the dining room.
  • Outhouses – We raked all the leaves from around the outhouses, Andy fixed the door on the one outhouse.
  • Gary didn’t have a chance to look at the air conditioners yet.
  • Tables and Chairs – We need to decide what type of tables we want (wood, plastic and length) also need to decide what kind of chairs (wooden, metal, metal w/cushions). Laura mentioned that Sam’s Club gives donations to nonprofits. Tom suggested getting ahold of the guy that bought Grand Rental to buy their tables and chairs. Tom said that if we get new tables and chairs we can use the old tables at the flea markets and sell the old chairs at the flea markets.
  • Cooking Fire Pit – We would need a 12×14 foot roof over the fire pit. Jay suggested buying an all metal carport instead.
  • We would like to build an awning over the kitchen windows, Jay said that we need to put some sort of ceiling in the awning so that birds don’t build nests.
  • Need to get stated on the windows and siding soon.
  • Old Home Day – Kids Carnival budget for prizes : Carol asked if $100.00 used in the past for the kids games would be enough. Laura said that since we have the money available then we can have a bigger budget because we are doing something different than last year.
  • Jay made a motion to adjourn, Tom 2nd. All were in favor and the motion was carried. The meeting was adjourned at 7:52 PM. The next meeting will be June 26, 2017 at 7:30PM.